Engin Karakulak chose shortest route to call his brand. The lexical meanings of his surname is "Black Ears" in english. It refers also "lynx" in Turkish. Besides all these he is enthusiastic to motorcycles and the cultures about it. He has made up his mind to create a brand just around 2 years ago. He knows now that it is the right moment in his own mind.


The Black Ears' man demonstrates a strict code of personal ethic, insisting on honesty and gentlemanliness in his subordinates, but not always in himself.

The brand & the products
The Black Ears is creating and selling luxury handmade pocket squares.

Why our accessories are special
The pocket square is a small accessory that, when added to a get-up, allows men to express themselves. We are inspired by the Motorcycle Riders. The  illustrations were created with the motorcycle rider in mind but are sleek enough to be worn by anyone, anytime. Our main inspirations are Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, Steve McQueen and Cafe Racers. Each piece tells a story all it’s own. 


The fabrics
The Black Ears has carefully selected entirely natural fabrics, to create that sumptuous feeling of luxury and comfort, using only the highest quality wool, silk, and cotton.

The entire collection is proudly manufactured in Turkey with each pocket square being finished by hand, whether it’s a hand rolled hem or a flat pin hem.